"Big Stump Entrance to Kings Canyon National Park
Highway 180 enters Kings Canyon National Park from the west via Fresno. If you have a longer vehicle or worry about winding roads you may prefer this entrance. Highway 180 is straighter, less steep, and wider. " -nps.gov


Clingans Junction

.4 miles to Hume Lake Ranger Station
2.9 miles to Cat Haven
14.2 miles to Sequoia Lake turn off
16.5 miles to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Entrance
17.1 miles to Big Stump Picnic Area
19.5 miles to Kings Canyon Visitor Center and Grant Grove Village
20. 8 miles to the General Grant Tree

Stay at the Historic Clingans Junction.


"For the traveler bound for Grant Grove in the Kings Canyon National Park, the most direct route is to travel east on Highway 180.  After the ascent to the mountains begins, the traveler will go through the small community of Squaw Valley. He will soon come to a juncture in the road where a turnoff can be made to the town of Dunlap.  The spot is called Clingans Junction. The traveler may wonder how it got its name. This is the story..." - The Valley's Legends & Legacies III

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